"This workshop gave me answers to my life's questions."
Garry Newman
Project Development Manager
AETNA Insurance
Doylestown, PA

"This workshop gave me tools, ideas and lots of possibilities for growth. It gave me an opportunity to release, process and reflect on my life by allowing questions to open my mind.  What a positive, supportive, loving space.  Thank you!"

Roberta Fortune
Owner, The Spa Lady
Lansdale, PA

"I had a very uplifting experience! I learned that I want to see myself from more than one perspective.  I gained clarity regarding how I want my future to be."

Barbara Silverman
Jamison, PA

"This really inspired me! I especially appreciate how their workshops are a group effort and how a comfortable environment was created.  This was a catalyst for me to create positive changes in my life."

Ken Storck
Sales Manager
Upper Gwynedd, PA

"This workshop gave me focus and clarity.  It also showed me that I have been “getting in my own way.”  I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their life journey.  I believe it should be taught in schools!"

Charlie Troy
Philadelphia, PA

"I learned so many tools in the workshops I attended with Jon and Chris! They helped me move forward in my personal life and my life's calling.  I am so grateful to Jon and Chris for their guidance, wisdom and love. When they came to my first art show, emotion really welled up inside me because they were two of the key people who really believed in me and saw my potential until I was able to see that vision for myself.  By attending just one Possibility Coaches event, I realized that I can be and do whatever I envision for myself. Their events are for anyone who is seeking clarity and/or change. Jon and Chris are very nurturing teachers."

Svetlana Gradess
Willow Grove,PA

"Thank you Jon and Chris for creating these workshops. I learned so much about myself.  I never realized there were things and events from my past holding me back from my true potential. These workshops helped me redefine who I am, who I want to be and who I thought I was.  I can consciously use the tools you provided to overcome my fears, love myself more and have the richest life experience I am capable of having.  I always come away from a Possibility Coaches event loving myself a little more.  I am so grateful to you both and for your presence in my life!  Everyone needs these workshops!"

Patti Booth
Software Sales
Horsham, PA

"Jon and Chris gave me a better vision for the future. I went to this event with my wife and it was uplifting for both of us. The environment was very open and positive. I recommend this workshop to anyone seeking clarity in his or her life."

Woody Goldman
Insurance & Financial Services
Furlong, PA

"This workshop was very cathartic and gratifying for me. There was no pressure and the atmosphere was intensely warm. I received clarity and courage to stop living in the past."

Jean Westbrook Leavitt
Owner, Circle of Waterlight
Doylestown, PA

"Workshops with the Possibility Coaches always give me a clear understanding of what and why I do (both positive and negative) in all areas of my life.  Jon and Chris create a very comfortable and safe setting. They assisted me to begin to think ‘outside of the box’ where my life, business and relationships are concerned. This was truly a fulfilling, empowering and uplifting experience for me!"

Rob Lunny
President and Founder, Puricorp Labs
Jamison, PA

"This workshop assisted me in so many ways! I finally realized that I am "okay!" I was able to share so much about myself than I ever thought possible. I would recommend them to anyone who has life issues. They can change your life! Thanks Jon and Chris for your inspiration and guidance."

Kelly Tsarnas
Newtown, PA

"Working with The Possibility Coaches and attending their workshops helped me see who I really am and what matters to me. Jon and Chris supplied me with great tools.  If you want to truly know yourself then sign up for these events."

Joel Skyzer
Doylestown, PA

"My experience with Jon and Chris is that they are truly dedicated to what they do and infinitely supportive of the people with whom they work. They don’t just “talk” about issues.  With their class, workshops and Life & Business Coaching they provide tools that are assisting me to become more aware of where I get “stuck” in my life.  Using these tools is helping me to move in a direction more supportive of my goals."

Marilyn Bullock ~ Owner Bullock Marketing and Design
New Hope,  PA

"I really enjoy the energy! Jon and Chris assist me to create positive changes emotionally and intellectually. I recommend their workshops to anyone and everyone who wants to change their beliefs about what they can and can't do... and really grow."
Cindy Stimeck

Physician Assistant
Pembroke Pines, FL

"Chris and Jon have expanded my knowledge of spiritual growth and awareness in the short time with their Success Class and workshops. I went from not only enjoying this information and hearing what Chris and Jon had to say, but to applying lessons learned from these events to my daily life. The lessons learned included letting go of limiting beliefs, implementing daily affirmations, and much more. During my daily life, I learned to embrace new challenges and initiate things that previously seemed of exceptional difficulty.
Prior, I had struggles with finding myself, my place in society, and issues with my personal life. After taking the classes and workshops, I had a massive self revelation that my thinking was not only limited to just myself, but had been mirrored in the thoughts and actions of others as well. When noticing and embracing this new found acceptance, I was able to find a new sense of accomplishment, and self satisfaction that I had never experienced before."

Curtis Muska

"I have 3 words to describe these events: awesome, chilling and loving! I get to see myself through everyone else. This assisted me to learn more about who I am and exactly where I want to go."

Wendy Whitelam
Business Owner - The Pet Campus
Pineville, PA

"Jon and Chris listen with compassion and plant seeds of thought that follow me through my week and grow into ideas that help me improve my life and find a peace in my soul.  For me, each session brings new insight. They have a unique way of challenging me to strive for more happiness and self-fulfillment."

As for my daughter Brooke, she told me what an exciting experience she had at your Workshop. Thank you both so much for helping her. She has been on a long road and I know she has finally found something that is truly going to help her find the person that she once was. She actually used to dance with joy!! And it is so great to see that girl again!

Connie Imhoff
Ottsville, Pennsylvania

"Working with the Possibility Coaches was one of the best moves I could have done for my business and personal life. I found that they were precise with their suggestions as well as completely realistic.  Jon and Chris have opened doors for me with their coaching and workshops that I never considered as options in the past. I look forward to working with them again in the future."

Dr. Karen McGlynn
Chiropractor and owner of McGlynn Chiropractic
Jamison, Pennsylvania

"I greatly enjoyed and appreciated the coaching sessions and workshops with Jon and Chris.
I always feel that they create a safe and relaxed environment, and I know they truly listened to me with patience, compassion, and understanding. They have the knowledge and the expertise to guide me on my journey.  Jon and Chris helped me to pull through during times of uncertainty in my life.  They also gave me practical tools and taught me how to apply them to my life and my life situations.  Jon and Chris really put their heart into their coaching. Their One-On-One Life Coaching and their Workshops really empowered me to know my true potential.  This has made a huge difference in my life.  Jon and Chris, you couldn't have come to my life at the better time!
Thank you so much!"

Klaudia Zmigrodzka
Antwerp, Belgium

"It always assists me to be in the presence of the Possibility Coaches. Chris and Jon provide a safe environment where there is always something new to learn and apply to my daily life. These workshops provide a great opportunity for creating a more positive mindset and to learn how to be your true self."

Sara Mogil
Genworth, Long Term Care Specialist
Doylestown, PA

"When I decided to sign-up for coaching and workshops with the Possibility Coaches, I wasn't really sure what I would be doing there (but I went with an open-mind). Both Jon and Chris are not only exceptional at helping others heal; they are gracious, genuine and very much down-to earth.  They, like me, also have had to overcome obstacles, frustrations and pain and are not afraid to share their own experiences.
I would highly recommend their Life Coaching, workshops and classes to others and I am looking forward to working with them again in the near future."

Cheryl Dosch
Ringoes, New Jersey

"I have taken your Workshop a few months ago when I started dating Andrea my girlfriend.  I just wanted to keep you posted that everything is going well for both of us and we enjoy each others company. 
An online magazine composed an article about us last month. Thank you for all the good information that you gave me during the workshop in the beginning of the year. It really helped me out in this new relationship. In the future Andrea and I will take some of your other workshops that you offer. "

John Loeb
Technical Support Manager
Holland, PA

"In the first few sessions I had with Jon and Chris, they helped me to build some really strong foundations in my life so that I could enjoy life far more.  They also helped me to make some important shifts so that I could benefit much more from the Law of Attraction. I attended their Workshop and then continued with One-On-One Life Coaching.  I would recommend that other people hire Jon and Chris for one-on-one coaching along with their Workshops, if they wish to get maximum value from their coaching."

Jane Bromely
Business Consultant
Oxfordshire, England

"I highly recommend Jon and Chris' classes and workshops to anyone who is eager to improve their "mind fitness" and achieve inner peace.  I look forward to participating in future workshops with Jon and Chris."

Beth Michener
Doylestown, PA

"...when talking with my daughters Sarah and Meaghan after taking the Workshop, they were very happy and excited to have been a part of this experience.  It was very powerful for them to know that what they decide now, is not set in concrete for the rest of their life, but they will go through changes in their path and will be  able to do many things with changing interests and life's surprises.  It is very important that they realize and view what they choose, should it not work out, makes it a life lesson rather than a mistake.  That it's OK not to know all the answers and to realize they will change as people through age, experience,  and those life lessons. Both of my daughters really enjoyed their time and, I know, will use what you have taught them as they grow in their lives.  Thank you for all your thoughtfulness in your follow-up to the workshop, and for all your encouraging words and handouts at the workshop.  I know this workshop will help Meaghan and Sarah throughout their lives."

Terri and Greg Markiewicz
Doylestown, PA

Jon and Chris offer coaching services locally in person in Doylestown, PA or nationally and internationally by phone or skype.  Daytime and evening hours are available.


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