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"The Possibility Coaches are not only exceptional at helping others heal; they are gracious, genuine and very down-to earth.  They, like me, also have had to overcome obstacles, frustrations and pain and are not afraid to share their own experiences.

I would highly recommend their personal coaching, workshops and classes to others and I am looking forward to working with them again in the near future."

Cheryl Dosch

"I enrolled in one of The Possibility Coaches programs to see what's out there to assist people and companies in the areas of stress management and the power of positive thinking. I was also seeking ways to effectively create changes in my team for greater productivity. I got just what I was looking for. I learned that a strong mind and body connection can make me a better manager.  They were articulate, thorough and engaging. I believe other teams would benefit from their prorams...especially persons in high-stress positions."

Christopher Ruffino
Managing Director
Societe Generale
Corporate and Investment Banking

"Jon and Chris are gifted in sharing their insights with others in a way that allows you to relax and to become clear in the area of your intentions.
They assist others in discovering how to come from a place of peace.

I used the information I gained from their coaching sessions to overcome self-doubt in my life and in my business.

Sandra Frantz

"Coaching with Jon and Chris has really made a difference! It gave me the "tools" I needed to live a successful, empowered and charmed life! They also assigned me tangible "tasks" that resulted in a new perspective on life. During the coaching, I learned how to release my deep-rooted, detrimental emotions...and how to change negative thoughts into positive ones!  I've enjoyed some wonderful surprises in both my personal life and my professional life. 

I couldn't be more grateful for Jon and Chris! 

Diana K.
Advertising Executive

"Coaching with Jon and Chris gave me a better understanding of myself, and how to let down my walls to improve all the relationships in my life.  Especially with my wife and kids."

Marc Mancinelli, Owner: Mancinelli & Paul Builders

"Coaching with Jon and Chris helped me to improve my listening skills and taught me how to respond rather that react to what others say and do.  What an awakened experience for me! I recommend Jon and Chris to everyone because they can positively impact their overall lives and relationships with others."

Suzanne Mancinelli, Social Work Supervisor

"I am exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to have Jon and Chris as coaches. They have a calm, relaxed, straight-forward approach that helped me realize that anything is possible if I choose.  Jon and Chris provide practical tools and methods that can be applied immediately, in the real world. Nothing esoteric here! No time is wasted getting to the heart of the matter--defining success for oneself and applying the tools.  Their methodology flows so naturally and the new skills build so quickly, I saw changes in myself and the world around me almost instantaneously!

I highly recommend The Possibility Coaches for anyone looking to take their relationships and their life to 'the next level'

Dori Corr
Screenplay Writer


"Working with Jon and Chris has changed my life financially in a very short period of time!

Thank you Possibility Coaches for the impact you have had on my life, relationships and business. What you have shared with me will never be forgotten and always used for the benefit of the greater good!"

Rex Harris
CEO Paragon Marketing Solutions

Success Stories with The Possibility Coaches

"We have known Jon and Chris for many years, not only as business associates, but also as our Coaches and Mentors. Both have such great warmth and wit! Jon and Chris lead by example. They deliver straight from the heart, with truth, integrity and wisdom. Both will direct you on a journey that will inspire you to live with more passion and pursue your desires with more conviction.

They have taught us to implement life strategies for success, build relationships, stretch creativity and thinking beyond ourselves, use practical strategies in the development of emotional and mental freedom, support in finding our inner balance and lastly, assisted us with the development of leadership skills in all areas of life.
Joyce and Dick Donahue

"What sets Jon and Chris apart from other coaches is their commitment to their own personal growth, and that of their clients.  As a teacher I appreciate the value and importance of exceptional mentors and coaches. Jon and Chris are right up there with the best of the best!  Wherever you are in your journey, I know your life will be enriched by choosing them to assist you on your path."

Mary Jane Legere
Elementary School Teacher

"The most bitter pill to take away from my divorce was admitting that my bad choice of partner was simply an indicator of how little I loved and respected myself - it was time to change all that!  After attending one of Chris and Jon’s workshops, I knew I had found the perfect cocoon where I could heal and transform.  With their Quantum Leap Coaching,they masterfully provide a warm space of acceptance and non-judgment empowering me to forgive myself, uncover and challenge limiting beliefs, and find inner peace embracing my authentic self.

It has been a tremendous time of growth for me thanks to you being who you are and helping me to stand for who I am.”

Pat Governale
Divorce Coach, M.S.

"Jon and Chris create a safe and relaxed environment, and I know they truly listened to me with patience, compassion, and understanding.  Jon and Chris helped me to pull through during times of uncertainty in my life.  Their knowledge and expertise guided me on my journey from relationship problems to a happy relationship that resulted in marriage!  

They also gave me practical tools and taught me how to apply them to my life and my relationship.  Jon and Chris really put their heart into their coaching. Their coaching empowered me to know my true potential.  This has made a huge difference in my life.  Jon and Chris, you couldn't have come to my life at the better time!"

Klaudia Zmigrodzka 

"I’m very grateful that I have the opportunity and privilege to coach with Chris and Jon.  They are truly a blessing to me.  The coaching and mentoring that they have provided continues to assist me in my personal growth and the growth of my business. 

The genuine and heartfelt guidance that they so generously provide has assisted in my transition from employee to entrepreneur. 

Their professional, yet relaxed manner, has taught me to have fun and enjoy the process of building my business.  They are a delight to collaborate with!"

Rosanne Grijalva
Owner: All Natural Health and Wellness

"Coaching with the Possibility Coaches was one of the best moves I could have done for my personal life and my business!

I found that they were precise with their suggestions as well as completely realistic.
Jon and Chris have opened doors for me with their Success & Business Coaching that I never considered as options in the past. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Dr. Karen McGlynn
Owner: McGlynn Chiropractic

"Jon and Chris you definitely made a difference in my life!  It has been a blessing and an honor for me to connect with you. The Possibility Coaches assisted me to experience healthier relationship, possess leadership skills and provided me with growth as a human being and as an entrepreneur. When I would run up against an obstacle, they would ask, listen, and ask... leading me to uncover the true obstacle. Knowing the true obstacle allowed me to move beyond it far more quickly. 

If you  have the opportunity to coach with Jon and Chris, do it!"

Marty Lehman

"Jon and Chris listen with compassion and plant seeds of thought that follow me through my week and grow into ideas that help me improve my life and find a peace in my soul.  For me, each session brings new insight. 

They have a unique way of challenging me to strive for more happiness and self-fulfillment.

Connie Imhoff
Bus Driver

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"It didn’t take long for me to understand that coaching with Jon and Chris provided insights, direction and gave me the freedom to share my own challenges and recognize my responsibilities in dealing with them. I felt sufficiently comfortable to share thoughts, feelings and emotions. Jon and Chris are quite remarkable as leaders and coaches. I learned a great deal in the time spent together; most of all, discovering different perspectives on my life’s issues.

Like any above competent professionals, they knew exactly how to create the specific subjects and what questions to ask. Their insights are astonishing and provided me with areas of growth and change that had never occurred to me...for me!   

They are truly spiritual and practical professionals. Thank you both for an excellent experience – I learned a lot."

Dr. Yvonne Kaye
Therapist, Author, Radio Show Host​​

"I would like to thank Jon Satin & Chris Pattay for all the coaching they have given me with my personal life and starting my own business. Even from the very first phone conversation I saw results.  

They were there for me every step of the way with the knowledge, experience and concern that has made them successful coaches.  Jon & Chris have helped me grow as a person and an entrepreneur.  

Chris and Jon have supported me through some tough areas as I worked through my struggles in my business life as well as my personal life... coaching me to success and happiness."

Sherry Pfister

"The coaching and leadership that Chris and Jon provide is open and honest.  They can feel with you and assist you in moving forward. The experience of working with Chris and Jon will provide a safe environment for you to explore new areas.

Their insights have guided me many times. I can always trust that when I am working with either of them that their compassion for me and my situations will be dealt with using their strengths and their integrity. 
I have been truly blessed to have them in my life."

Alicia Sabo
Real Estate Developer and Entrepreneur

"Thank you for helping to inspire me! You are both wise and always say just the right thing. I love that you speak the truth, and with such compassion. You have a gift. 
I'm changing my life. This all seems drastic but it's not. First, it's been long in the coming, I just needed things to gel.  
You are both such special and inspiring men and thank you! 

Eileen Shuchat
Entrepreneur - Eileen's Food for Thought

“Before committing to the Quantum Leap Coaching Program it was challenging for me to see myself in a positive light. It was difficult for me to prioritize what was truly important to me in both my personal and professional lives. I knew I wanted my life to change but I did not know how to go about doing it. Once I made the commitment, my life began to change. Coaching assisted me to realize that I am worth more and it was time for me to finally be happy with myself and focus on what is important to me.  I also learned how to prioritize time for myself, create healthier habits and allow love into my life. I believe, if there is a commitment, the Quantum Leap Coaching Program can transform and awaken anyone into the person they are meant to be. I could not have made the bold choices and life changes necessary without the guidance of The Possibility Coaches." 

Angela Reckner
Administrative Director for the Office of the President
Delaware Valley University

"I attended a Possibility Coaches event in search of something different and that's just what I got. The experience was perfect. I received a fresh perspective and realistic applications for everyday life.  Attending this event is a great way to rejuvenate, restart and retrain your mind."

Chris C.
Market Manager
Managing Director
Philadelphia Major Market
Wells Fargo Advisors
Investment Banking

"Have you ever wondered why you did something or maybe why you haven’t? I know I have. The Possibility Coaches have a unique and effective way of uncovering the answers to those questions and more. Working with them has helped me see and do things that I was blocking myself from doing. Their coaching has also helped in my every day and family life as well. If you’re looking to improve your relationships, either in business or personal, I highly recommend Possibility Coaches. I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for me!"

Bill Rowe
Entrepreneur and Internet Marketing Specialist

"Jon and Chris are truly dedicated to what they do and infinitely supportive of the people with whom they work. They don’t just “talk” about issues.  With their Coaching, Workshops and Classes, they provide tools that are assisting me to become more aware of where I get “stuck” in my life.  Using these tools helped me to move in a direction more supportive of my goals."

Marilyn Bullock
Owner: Bullock Media Marketing. LLC

"The Possibility Coaches exude a level of mastery and professionalism that I and everyone can look up to and hope to achieve.  Jon and Chris are extremely intuitive coaches who command respect with their integrity, honesty and peaceful presence.  The tools they gave me have created positive changes in my life.  I now have a deeper connection with family, loved ones and business colleagues.

I recommend their coaching to those who seek to live a powerful, productive life.
Mike Thomas, NSCA-CPT
Holistic Personal Fitness Trainer

"In the first few coaching sessions I had I was able to build some really strong foundations for improving my life and my relationships.  As a result, I was able to make some important shifts so that I could benefit much more from the gifts that I possess. 

I would recommend that other people hire The Possibility Coaches for one-on-one coaching."

Jane Bromley

Business Consultant

"After my divorce, I felt like my life was over. Then a friend referred me to The Possibility Coaches’ Quantum Leap Coaching Program.  From the very first session I knew my life was going to change dramatically.

Coaching with Chris and Jon, helped me realize I was living in a self-imposed prison.  They showed me that the ‘key’ was in my hand the whole time.  In a very short period of time, I learned how to have better relationships in my roles as a mother, daughter, sister, co-worker, friend, and person.  It is with life changing confidence that I would highly recommend coaching with Jon and Chris.

Amy Pressman
Project Manager

"I just want to thank you both for your wonderful mentorship and time you have given to myself and others!  Your wisdom and coaching was so powerful in my personal and business life – I will never forget it.  

I truly cannot express the words of gratitude I have for you both:  I truly have guardian angels with Chris & Jon."

Robert Ballasedis

"I originally sought out a Success Coach because I wanted to understand what was blocking me from taking my life, finances and relationships to the next level.  As I coached with Jon and Chris, I not only got a sense of my limiting beliefs, I got something much more than I ever expected.  I experienced a paradigm shift for my life that created a sense of meaning and purpose.  I now have a completely different mindset and awareness.

The whole experience has been quite cathartic. I look forward to my continued relationship with both Jon and Chris. You truly walk your talk. Thank you!

Garry Newman
Berkshire - Hathaway

"After only a few sessions with The Possibility Coaches, it became very apparent to me that my thought process was way off. When I first met with Jon and Chris, I was excited about my new business.  Today, I am not only excited about my new business, but also about living my life free of fear, finally awakening to the possibilities that my life holds.

Without The Possibility Coaches, I would never have been able to face the things that I previously allowed to hold me back. Today with their help I can face anything! I have a much clearer sense of who I am and what I have to offer.  I am now committed to continue to grow as a person, in relationships and as a business owner.  Today I know everything is as it is supposed to be.  Thank you, Jon & Chris!

Rob Lunny
President and Founder, PuriCorp Labs LLC

"Chris and Jon have expanded my knowledge of spiritual growth and awareness in the time that I coached with them. I learned about letting go of limiting beliefs, embracing new challenges and initiating things that previously seemed exceptionally difficult. Prior to coaching, I had struggles with my relationships, finding myself and my place in society. I had a massive revelation that my thinking was not only limited to just myself, but had been mirrored in the thoughts and actions of others in my life as well. When noticing and embracing this new found acceptance, I was able to find a new sense of accomplishment, and self-satisfaction that I had never experienced before."

Curtis Muska

"When I first came to the Possibility Coaches as a newly divorced mother, I believed that I was not worthy of success, happiness and a fulfilling life.  For my entire life I had felt like I was playing “small” and not being true to myself.

As a result of coaching with The Possibility Coaches, I learned that the challenges I was experiencing were part of my journey towards my personal growth.  Through coaching, I developed an awareness of where these negative thoughts and beliefs came from. By letting go of the past I was able to begin to connect  to my true self. Jon and Chris taught me that thoughts are not facts. The simplicity of that knowledge has catapulted me towards a sustained sense of empowerment. 

Thank you Jon and Chris! I am eternally grateful!

Sara Mogil
Long Term Care Specialist

"Jon and Chris, I just wanted to drop you a line or two expressing my appreciation for you two.  You got me off in the direction of my passion.  

Thank you Chris & Jon for helping me bring my passion to light."

Elizabeth Zack
Life Coach & Landscape Artist

“Hiring the Possibility Coaches was the best money I've ever spent!  They are insightful and extremely patient. They host a warm and secure environment which made it easy for me to open myself up.  Before long, I saw real change in my life.  The questions they asked me accessed my mind to a whole new way of thinking. Jon and Chris gave me the tools and guidance to rebuild my life and regain my self-confidence and self-esteem.  This gave me faith in myself to embrace life and explore new opportunities.  As a result, I have also gotten several raises and promotions at work!  I highly recommend The Possibility Coaches to anyone who is looking to create positive change in any area of their life.”

Doreen Lofaro
Sales Rep

"Coaching with Jon and Chris taught me that personal growth is a process.  It is a series of revelations that build upon each other until one day you discover that the person who you thought you were is no longer there and a new and improved model has emerged. When an individual is engaged in such a metamorphous, it is important to have someone in your corner who is always encouraging – someone with whom to celebrate the small victories when no one else seems to care, someone to rely on who will always be there during your process, no matter how it unfolds.

That is what Jon and Chris have been to me, champions for my cause. And, early on when self-doubt was all I knew, I had a sudden realization one day, that Jon and Chris believed in me. I don’t remember what in particular was said and maybe it was nothing in particular, perhaps it was even nonverbal. I only know that I felt quite surprised by this awareness because I had never experienced it before in my life. It was a crossroads in my journey because I reasoned, if Jon and Chris believed in me, then maybe I really could succeed and maybe, just maybe, I could believe in myself.

Crystal Garner
Professional Photographer 

Success and Transformation Coaches


Powerful Coaching for Extraordinary People!

"Before I began my sessions, I carried around a lot of guilt about choices I had made in the past. I also had very little faith in myself.  The choice to divorce my husband after 14 years of marriage and leaving my 4 children caused me to feel like I wasn’t being the kind of mother that my children really needed.  As a result of my personal coaching sessions, I realized that I don’t need anyone's approval but my own and I did the best I could under the circumstances.

 I know that my work with The Possibility Coaches has given me the tools, the strength and the support that I need to finally get off that hamster wheel and make the positive changes that have empowered me to let go, trust in the unknown, and most of all, believe in & love myself for the first time in my life."

Liz Cellucci
Surgical Assistant

"Jon Satin and Chris Pattay are awesome Success Coaches and mentors.  Prior to coaching, I had recently been divorced and wasn't sure what I wanted from life and who I wanted to be.  I am sure now! I walked away with a clear focus on my goals.  I was given tools, strategies and a new perspective to create significant changes in my life and relationships.  I recommend Jon and Chris to anyone who is seeking the same."
Joe McDowell
Life Coach