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Success Stories for The Blueprint For Living Program

"I am exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to meet with, and spend time learning from, Jon and Chris.  They have a calm, relaxed, straight-forward approach that makes me realize (remember?) that anything is possible if I choose.  I had no idea what to expect coming into The Blueprint Class and was pleasantly surprised to find that Jon and Chris provide practical tools and methods that can be applied immediately, in the real world.  Nothing esoteric here! No time is wasted getting to the heart of the matter--defining success for oneself and applying the tools.  The methodology flows so naturally and the new skills build so quickly, I saw changes in myself and the world around me almost instantaneously!  I would highly recommend the services of Jon and Chris, the Possibility Coaches, for anyone looking to take their life, as was my purpose for participating in the program, to 'the next level'."

Dori Corr
Screenplay Writer

"I enrolled in The Blueprint Class and Level 2 because I was not getting the results that I wanted for my life.  I had a lot of negative beliefs about myself and the world and I was searching for a way to change all of that “stuff” that was holding me back.  By taking this class I now have a greater understanding and awareness of why I do what I do and that I have the power to change my circumstances.  The class helped me to keep moving forward in the right direction.  Now, when fear comes up for me,  I can see it for what it is and I keep moving ahead.
Thanks Jon and Chris for providing a safe environment for people to make positive changes!"

Rob Lunny
President and Founder, Puricorp Labs

"The Blueprint Class with Chris and Jon has helped reduce the stress in my life dramatically and has energized me to move forward with my life in the direction I want it to go in! This experience opened my eyes to so many aspects of life… some of which I had no idea existed.  The Blueprint Class changed my life and I believe it will do the same for you!"

Marc Mancinelli
Co-Owner, Mancinelli and Paul Builders

"The Possibility Coaches exude a level of mastery and professionalism that I and everyone can look up to and hope to achieve.  Jon and Chris are extremely intuitive coaches who command respect with their integrity, honesty and peaceful presence.  The tools they gave me have created positive changes in my life.  I now have a deeper connection with family, loved ones and business colleagues.  I recommend their Blueprint Class and their Life Coaching to those who seek to live a powerful, productive life."

Mike Thomas, NSCA-CPT
Holistic Personal Fitness Trainer

"Thank you both for giving me the opportunity to participate in the Blueprint Class.  I am the kind of person that usually does not follow through i.e. start something and not finish it, however, for this class I didn’t give it a second thought.  I looked forward to each class because I knew that I was going to learn something great and even have a break through.  When I would leave each class, I was always uplifted and happy to be 'me'.  Your program has taught me to think with my heart, not my head, and that anything is possible if I believe in myself.  It also assisted me with stopping my negative thoughts and to have more confidence in myself.  My experience was awesome!"

Dina Lauro
Chef and Business Owner

"Thank you Jon and Chris for the wonderful, inspiring and life altering experience The Blueprint Class has provided me. The new information and exercises created new areas of thought and much needed information to steer my life's journey into the direction of my choice. I would strongly recommend this course to any individual interested in learning the fantastic and simple methods of learning to use the mind to ones advantage, rather than continuing to be used by the mind and living limited. Your easy to grasp methods of teaching and exercises are fun and inspiring. Thank you both for all your time, care and sharing of your informative knowledge and experience."

Steve Norvell


"By attending The Blueprint Class,  I was immediately able to take inspired action in my life.  This provided me with improved relationships and greater career focus.  Jon and Chris are very easy to follow and are open to sharing their own personal stories.  I recommend these classes to anyone who is ready to make positive changes now!"

Lisa Kevitch
Medical Esthetician

"The Blueprint Class has been and continues to be about inspiration and purposeful living.  Through my involvement in the class and through daily mind exercises I have discovered (or rediscovered) passion and purpose in my life.  I have enlisted mental discipline that I was unaware that I possessed.  The overall result has been learning more about myself and enjoying more inner peace.  I know that these two tennents will be a necessary foundation for the greatness that lies ahead for me.  Thank you Jon and Chris for showing me a path toward possibility."

John Corr
Deputy Director of Programs
Bucks County Youth Center

"Jon Satin and Chris Pattay are awesome coaches and mentors.  Prior to attending their Blueprint for Living Class, I wasn't sure what I wanted from life and who I wanted to be.  I am sure now! I walked away from the coaching and classes with a clear focus on my goals.  I was given tools, strategies and a new perspective to create significant changes in my life.  I recommend Jon and Chris' coaching and classes to anyone who is seeking the same."

Joe McDowell
Life Coach

"The Blueprint Class went way beyond my expectations! Chris and Jon are extremely professional and treat everyone as individuals.  This class helped me to release my fears and anxiety about the future.  I am beginning to trust.  The Blueprint Classes are for everyone!"

Laurie Van Valkenburgh
Owner, Shiatsu Shintai Bodyworks Therapies

"The Blueprint Class gave me the tools to move my life in a positive direction. The experience was enlightening and broadened my perspective on how I see myself in the world. I recommend this class to anyone who is ready to create positive change and more success."

Sara Mogil
Long Term Care Specialist

"Like CPR training, we all need refresher courses in positive thinking to keep our skills perfectly honed...Jon and Chris, through their Blueprint Program (The Success Class), offer a quick, straight to the point approach to remind us of who we are and why we do what we do. The curriculum includes useful, innovative tools that helped me to bridge the gap between where I am now and where I want to be.  Expect a change in perspective in less than a few weeks!"

Mary Spencer
Owner: The Turning Point

"The Blueprint Class was the first class that I ever took that I looked forward to going to every week! It was a real positive experience and was just what I hoped for.  I gained an understanding that I control who I am and who I can become. I now have the knowledge and the tools to become a bigger person. I've already recommended The Blueprint Class to people I know who could really benefit from it. If you are looking to make positive changes now there is a whole lot of “good stuff” here to help you do it!"

Tim Menzies

"The Blueprint Class taught me to become aware of the habits I had that were preventing me from achieving success in my life. I was given the necessary tools to assist me to be more focused on and consistent with the activities that will give me the results I want. The Blueprint Class provides a great framework for anyone who is looking for a way to live a more balanced, peaceful and successful life."

Steven Gradess
Veterans Claims Examiner

"I entered into the Blueprint Class because I have always believed that all the areas of my life need to be in balance to truly live a happy, productive and joyful life.  It was a perfect time for me to take a good look at how I am living as my youngest just went off to college and I am looking at a new stage of my own life.  Chris and Jon present a great program for anyone who wants to take a look at how they can put all the pieces of their life in balance and truly recognize their best potential.  The class gives a step by step approach to evaluating areas of your life, then changing/enhancing/working on different areas to move forward toward your goals.  One of the things that I like the best is that there are real tools given to enhance my success.  If you make use of the tools I do believe they will bring about powerful changes. Chris and Jon are positive and enthusiastic believers in the program, and that enthusiasm is contagious for participants!  I enjoyed the class, and look forward to working further with Chris and Jon."

Cindy M

Business Owner

"Chris and Jon have expanded my knowledge of spiritual growth and awareness in the short time that I have spent with them. In just six weeks of taking The Blueprint Class, I went a step further from not only enjoying the course and hearing what Chris and Jon had to say, but to applying lessons learned from the course to my daily life. The lessons learned included letting go of limiting beliefs, implementing daily affirmations, and much more. During my daily life, I learned to embrace new challenges and initiate things that previously seemed of exceptional difficulty.  Prior to taking the class, I had struggles with finding myself, my place in society, and issues with my personal life. After taking the class, I had a massive self revelation that my thinking was not only limited to just myself, but had been mirrored in the thoughts and actions of others as well. When noticing and embracing this new found acceptance, I was able to find a new sense of accomplishment, and self satisfaction that I had never experienced before."

Curtis Muska

"I do want to say what a wonderful and positive experience I had attending the Blueprint Class.  It provided me with a sense of not being alone and that many others seek insight into personal daily challenges.  Both of you are very relaxed and knowledgeable talking about ways to create change.  I liked how honest and forth right you both were with your own experiences.  Through this class experience, I gained a better understanding of myself. It has brought me closer to my reality which is to hold myself accountable to what I want."

Ronnie Haggerty


"When I decided to sign-up for the Blueprint Class I wasn't really sure what I would be doing there (but I went with an open-mind). Both Jon and Chris are not only exceptional at helping others heal; they are gracious, genuine and very much down-to earth.  They, like me, also have had to overcome obstacles, frustrations and pain and are not afraid to share their own experiences.  I would highly recommend their Blueprint Class, coaching and workshops to others and I am looking forward to working with them again in the near future."

Cheryl Dosch

"As a recent graduate of the Blueprint Class, I came away with several tools and techniques to achieve balance in all areas of my life.  Jon and Chris facilitate a relevant, interesting, and supportive class about living life from "the inside-out".  Our discussions were heartfelt, enlightening, lively and made for an enjoyable experience.  I highly recommend Jon and Chris' services to anyone who is eager to improve their "mind fitness" and achieve inner peace.  I look forward to participating in future workshops with Jon and Chris.

Beth Michener
"The Blueprint Class ~ Synergetic Success is a great starter course for anyone considering hiring the Possibility Coaches.  Jon and Chris guide participants through a simple six week course that allows a person to clearly see aspects of one’s life that are goal enhancing and also see behaviors needing change.  The environment is open and non-judgmental and compassionate.  I enthusiastically endorse the program, and Jon and Chris."

James M. Jourdan, MBA, CFP
BSC Financial Services Co.

"Tonight I will graduate from the Blueprint Class with the Possibility Coaches Chris and Jon! I am grateful to have learned so much about myself with the help of these two brilliant coaches! This is just the beginning for me! Thank you both so very much! I'm already looking forward to Blueprint Class Level 2!!!"

Patti Booth

Sales Representative

"My experience with Jon and Chris is that they are truly dedicated to what they do and infinitely supportive of the people with whom they work. They don’t just “talk” about issues.  With their Blueprint Program, they provide tools that are assisting me to become more aware of where I get “stuck” in my life.  Using these tools is helping me to move in a direction more supportive of my goals."

Marilyn Bullock
Bullock Media Marketing, LLC

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