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10 Guideposts to Self-Empowerment -

Creating Inner Peace in Your Life!

...We call these ten aspects or attributes of self-empowerment ‘guideposts’ because empowerment is a process. Each guidepost allows you to know if you are living from a position of empowerment. Another words, whether or not you are at peace.... READ MORE

Jon Satin and Chris Pattay
Self Empowerment with The Possibility Coaches

Jon and Chris offer coaching services locally in person in Doylestown, PA or nationally and internationally by phone or skype.

Daytime and evening hours are available.

Jon Satin, MBA and Chris Pattay, BBA are The Possibility Coaches™. They are Master Success and Transformation Coaches with expertise in the areas of business, entrepreneurship, relationships, life challenges & transitions. Going beyond traditional coaching, Jon and Chris have guided individuals, couples and business owners since 2002 to create more success and happiness in their lives.  They provide unique insights that give clients the capacity to establish a powerful connection between mind, body and spirit.  They lead their clients to develop a new, positive perspective toward relationships & life by learning a new way of thinking and feeling.

Jon and Chris are authors of the highly acclaimed book: "Living an Inspired, Empowered and Joy-filled Life: 365 Daily Tips to Get You There!"

and their soon to be released book: “What Are You Waiting For:  Sound Advice for Being Happier Now!”

Free Special Report:

Creating Healthy Relationships - Personal & Professional

...The opportunity to stop and regroup emotionally and physically is critical.  It is a point in time, wherever we find ourselves on the life journey, when we literally have the option to utilize the greatest gift that was given to us as human beings:  the gift of choice...  READ MORE

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