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"I’m very grateful that I have the opportunity and privilege to work with Chris and Jon.  They are truly a blessing to me.  The coaching and mentoring that they have provided continues to assist me in my personal growth and the growth of my business. 

The genuine and heartfelt guidance that they so generously provide has assisted in my transition from employee to entrepreneur.

Their professional, yet relaxed manner, has taught me to have fun and enjoy the process of building my business.  They are a delight to work with!"

Rosanne Grijalva
Owner - All Natural Health and Wellness

Programs Jon and Chris offer at your location or via teleconference... your option:

  • One-on-One Business and Entrepreneurial Coaching
  • Mastermind Groups and Group Coaching
  • Workshops, seminars, classes and programs tailored to your specific requirements
  • The Blueprint For Living Program

Jon Satin MBA, and Chris Pattay BBA transitioned out of Corporate America in 1991. They went on to build three successful businesses. Founding The Possibility Coaches in 2002, they have coached business owners with national and international organizations, as well as small business owners and sole proprietors.

They have personally built their own national sales team and have coached thousands of people in the areas of success, leadership, self-confidence, self-esteem and empowerment.  With over 25 years of business and entrepreneurial experience & relationship building, they truly understand the process of authentic success.

They are authors of the highly acclaimed book:
The Possibility Coaches Guide to Living an Inspired, Empowered and Joy-filled Life! 365 Daily Tips to get You There!

"Business Coaching with the Possibility Coaches was one of the best moves I could have done for my practice.

I found that they were precise with their suggestions as well as completely realistic.

Jon and Chris have opened doors for me with their Business Coaching that I never considered as options in the past. I look forward to working with them again in the future."

Dr. Karen McGlynn
McGlynn Chiropractic

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​​​​Business and Entrepreneurial Coaching

"I attended a Possibility Coaches event in search of something different and that's just what I got. The experience was perfect. I received a fresh perspective and realistic applications for everyday life.  Attending this event is a great way to rejuvenate, restart and retrain your mind."

Chris C.
Market Manager
Managing Director: Philadelphia Major Market
Wells Fargo Advisors Investment Banking
​Philadelphia, PA

Learn the strategies for increasing your bottom line by creating:

  • An environment of collaboration & cooperation.
  • Mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Mastery of the Art of Peaceful Confrontation.
  • Greater self-discipline and emotional balance.
  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Improved communication and listening skills.
  • Strong leadership traits and characteristics.
  • Mastery of being more productive and more pro-active.
  • The ability to be more responsive rather than reactive.
  • The power of focus during pressure situations.
  • Self-empowering beliefs that are in alignment with personal and business goals.

"Business Coaching with The Possibility Coaches was the best decision we ever made. We wouldn’t even be in business today if it wasn’t for Jon and Chris.

As business owners, we struggled with cash flow, client follow-up, building our staff, getting new accounts, time management, and employee morale.We saw results after our first session! We now have a productive and motivated staff. Incredibly, despite a bad economy, we doubled our business in one year.

The Possibility Coaches have opened doors for our company that we never knew existed!"

Marc Mancinelli and Scott Paul
Owners - Mancinelli & Paul Builders

"I first came to The Possibility Coaches.... to stay on track and be held accountable with a new business I was launching that could potentially turn my financial life around.

After a few sessions with The Possibility Coaches, it became very apparent my thought process was way off. When I first met with Jon and Chris, I was excited about my new business.  Today, I am not only excited about my new business, but also about living my life free of fear, finally awakening to the possibilities that my life holds.

Without The Possibility Coaches, I would never have been able to face the things that I previously allowed to hold me back. Today with their help I can face anything! I have a much clearer sense of who I am and what I and my business have to offer."

Rob Lunny
President and Founder, PuriCorp Labs LLC

"The level of success achieved by any business in the 21st Century will be determined by its' level of ethics & integrity and the strength
of its' relationships."

-Jon and Chris

A Business Coaching Program with The Possibility Coaches gives you results!

Jon and Chris will demonstrate to you how to take your business to the next level by developing a healthier mindset and tapping into your wisdom as an entrepreneur to create a successful and profitable business.

They will also assist you to create a successful business that is based in collaboration, cooperation, mutual respect and strong relationships.

Who and what dictates your level of success in business?

If your answer isn't "ME & MY RELATIONSHIPS" then you aren't maximizing your own capability for true, authentic success.  This is called 'LEADERSHIP'.  They will teach you how to 'lead by example' so you achieve greater results in your business.

The Possibility Coaches Business Coaching Program will guide you to tap into the wisdom, awareness and ability necessary for you to achieve greater success through improved relationships with clients/customers, employees/coworkers and management/teams.

Success is a process and a journey- not a payoff.  On this journey, it's important for you to be in the driver's seat.  You will meet challenges and resistance along the way; however, Jon and Chris will show you how turning obstacles into opportunities is the key to creating success.

As an entrepreneur, executive or manager, you carry a set of inner beliefs, habits and behaviors in to the business environment. This also includes personal challenges that may be occurring at home. These challenges can and will adversely affect job performance, business results and the productivity of those in your circle of influence.
Do you know what has the greatest impact on your companies results? It's not your products, not your marketing and not overall economic conditions. It's the emotional health and well being of the individual mindsets that make up your business team.

A healthy mindset promotes a healthy environment, and a healthy environment promotes desired results financially, emotionally and physically for your company.


The key to success in business is about ethics, integrity and building strong & healthy relationships. 
Success in business is also knowing the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is facts, figures and thinking. Knowledge is limiting. Wisdom is a higher capacity than knowledge. Wisdom supports creativity and expansion. It's about creating a heart-centered environment. Wisdom is listening to the gut and producing results that reflect a genuine sense of service.