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This workshop gives you the tools to create positive change in any and all areas of your life such as (but not limited to):

  • feeling comfortable in your own skin
  • a new self-image and a more esteemed "you"
  • an ability to create positive change in your life and career
  • the discovery of new opportunities both personally and professionally
  • an improved sense of clarity, focus and direction to achieve more in your life
  • experiencing a new level of success and happiness
  • recognizing the meaning and purpose of your life, and the ability to live it with passion

Here's some awesome news for you!

Today, right now, in this moment...

YOU have the ability to turn your current obstacles and challenges into opportunities and results!

Bring a guest and receive a special discount when you register together at the same time.
Two tickets for $645.50
Register for two here.

Do any of the following feel, seem or sound familiar to you?

"I feel like the 'real me' is always trying to get out and break free."
"I am in transition right now (divorce, career change) and I don't know which way is up!"
"I know I desire a full life filled with passion and purpose, but I don't know how to go about having it all."
"I know what I want to do and where I want to go, but I'm confused about what steps will get me there."
"I feel like my life lacks meaning and I'm just 'going through the motions'."
"I want my life to improve, but I'm scared about taking the steps to make things better."

By attending the Break Through to The True You Weekend, you will:

  • Be able to express and feel your emotions.
  • Release and let go of negative emotions that no longer serve you.
  • Learn how to begin to create healthier personal and professional   


  • Break through the obstacles that are preventing you from living a truly       prosperous life.
  • Learn how to focus on your best strengths and apply them in your life       for greater success and happiness.
  • Focus on the positive and create SOLUTIONS for your life's                       challenges.
  • Let in more of "Life" so that you can have what you really want.
  • Experience and create new possibilities for your life.


The date of the next event is: To Be Announced
Register early, this event fills up fast!
To Be Announced
It was suggested that $797 would be a reasonable admission for this workshop (and we intend to make it worth a lot more - priceless, in fact). 

However, while we won't go so far as to say "You NEED to be there!" - we do believe it would be of great value for you to do so, and we wanted to make it easy so you can attend this life changing event for the..

"The Break Through Weekend was very cathartic and gratifying for me. There was no pressure and the atmosphere was intensely warm. I received clarity and courage to stop living in the past."

Jean Westbrook
Owner, Circle of Waterlight
Doylestown, PA.

The intent of this workshop is that after 2 days you gain a clearer vision of who you really are at your core. Experience a deeper, more true you with a greater sense of calmness and inner peace!  You will connect with others and yourself in a safe, fun and loving environment.

Special rate of $397. Register early and receive an early discount rate of $347.
Register for one here.

Personal Growth, Self Empowerment & Spiritual

Weekend Retreat

"The Possibility Coaches have really inspired me! I especially appreciated how everyone assisted each other and made it a group effort.  Chris and Jon create a comfortable environment. These workshops were a catalyst for me to create positive changes in my life."

Ken Storck
Upper Gwynedd, PA

Jon Satin MBA and Chris Pattay BBA are The Possibility Coaches™. They are master coaches with expertise in the areas of relationships,  life challenges & transitions and business. Going beyond traditional coaching, Jon and Chris have guided hundreds of individuals and couples since 2002 to create healthier relationships and lives. Their teachings demonstrate to clients how to gain a new perspective toward relationships & life by learning a new way of thinking and feeling.

As spiritual teachers, they provide unique insight that gives clients the capacity to establish a healthy reconnection of mind, body and spirit.

Jon and Chris are authors of the highly acclaimed book:
"Living an Inspired, Empowered and Joy-filled Life: 365 Daily Tips to Get You There!"

Should the attendee be unable to attend the specified workshop, he/she can transfer this registration to a future Possibility Coaches event or may also apply funds toward coaching up to two weeks prior to the event date.  No refunds or credits after the two week cancellation cut-off date or for missed events.​​

To ensure direct attention and interaction with Jon and Chris, This event is open to only 20 participants. Since seating is limited - register today!
At the end of the 2 days, you will walk away with an embodied awareness of what it’s like to be more in your heart, and start making decisions and take inspired action.  You’ll also experience a greater sense of resonance and connection with others.  AND, you will also walk away with: a whole bunch of new friends!

Ready to join us? Click here:
Yes, Jon and Chris - count me in!
Your ticket to this event includes the Saturday and Sunday program.

Your additional costs may include meals, overnight accommodations and transportation.

We won't just be teaching you 'stuff' that you'll hopefully use later... the breakthroughs happen then and there at the workshop. There are miracles that happen in our live workshops - and you will take steps you may not be likely to do on your own (when you're likely to come up with excuses...). This workshop is experiential and interactive. We can't change you, only you can do that. But don't let that scare you. As your guides, we promise to make it as fun and enlightening as possible, so that you receive the maximum benefits from attending this event.

During this event, we ask participants to take full responsibility for their own well-being. Your registration implies agreement with this waiver. If you are registering guests, it will be your responsibility to have them do the same - thank you.

You will never outperform your self-image until you commit to seeing yourself as someone who can achieve success and be happier!

Are you ready to experience greater states of freedom and joy that only come when you deeply allow and welcome each emotion that shows up at any given time, and develop the ability to begin to live the life you really want!

Join us! Spend a weekend shifting your perception of who you really are and what you can really achieve - and cultivate the freedom to achieve success and happiness beyond what you currently believe is possible.

Right now, you have a choice:

You can either listen to your head and come up with any number of excuses for not attending this weekend event and staying stuck...

OR you can listen to your heart and make a heart-felt decision and commit to YOU and YOUR future.

Every day is your new beginning! Make the most of it!

Join Jon and Chris and start the process of creating clarity, focus, certainty and purpose
in YOUR life!

This 2 day experience is a real opportunity for men and women who are interested in getting to the heart of the matter and awakening to your authentic self.

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