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"My life was a real mess when I came to The Possibility Coaches.  I didn’t know where to begin. Chris and Jon gave me the tools and guidance to rebuild my life and regain myself-confidence and self-esteem."
-Doreen L.

"Coaching with Jon and Chris, I got something much more than I ever expected.  I experienced a paradigm shift for my life that created a sense of meaning and purpose."
Garry N.

" After my divorce, I felt like my life was over. Coaching with Chris and Jon, helped me realize I was living in a self-imposed prison.  They showed me that the ‘key’ was in my hand the whole time.
-Amy P.

"Business Coaching with The Possibility Coaches was the best decision we ever made.  We saw results after our first session! Incredibly, despite a bad economy, we doubled our business in one year.  The Possibility Coaches have opened doors for our company that we never knew existed!"
-Marc M. and Scott P.

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  Welcome to our website!

We’re The Possibility Coaches Jon Satin and Chris Pattay and we’re known as
The Positive Change Experts.
We are Relationship Coaches, Life Coaches and Business Coaches.

Let us share our expertise, wisdom and experiences.
We have assisted so many, so why not you? Why not now?

Everything in life is about relationships!

Our clients are women and men who are serious and ready to invest in themselves and create healthier relationships.

Relationships fall into many categories: partner/spouse, parent/child, boss/employee, business owner/customer, you and yourself!

  We never focus on what's wrong with you.  We focus on what is right!
You are magnificent even if you may not feel it or believe it in this moment.
Our unique coaching process will bring your magnificence to the surface!

If you're facing challenges and looking for solutions to improve and revitalize any or all of your current relationships, you have come to the right place!

Or, if you're going through a divorce or a relationship break-up, we can assist you to navigate through the emotional process and provide you with tools to
rebuild & reboot your life!

  As the Possibility Coaches, we have assisted hundreds of individuals, couples, and business owners to build solid relationships.
We can also assist you to rebuild & revitalize your relationships that are on shaky ground. 

  Are we a fit for each other?

Since founding Possibility Coaches in 2002, we have been empowering women and men worldwide to live a life of meaning, passion and purpose.

We offer coaching services locally in person at our Doylestown, PA global office or nationally and internationally by phone or skype.

Your insurance company may now recognize and reimburse for
Relationship and Life Coaching!

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